Monday, March 31, 2008

Super Apple-peeling Abilities

Tonight I requested a new random question in my blogspot profile update. The question was, "How would you peel an apple all in one go?" Well, that immediately made me think of the movie Sleepless in Seattle in which there are several references to an apple being peeled all in one long, curly strip. I thought the scene where Meg Ryan was shown peeling her apple all in one strip looked too contrived, not natural at all. The movie was attempting to show how the little things that Tom Hank's character, Sam, loved about his wife were things that Meg Ryan's character posessed, like this apple-peeling ability. What made this scene less genuine for me was how much of the apple was being cut off in the attempt to peel it! I could peel an apple all in one piece if I was allowed to cut off half the apple in the process. What was worse, the super-peel broke off. It wasn't all in one piece after all, which left me wondering why that scene was even included. I do like this chick flick. I watched it yesterday, actually. That's probably why the random question triggered this response from me. I have a particular dislike for scenes that seem contrived when the attempt is to have it look natural.